We Can Fix Any Problem Your Toilet Might Have

If you have a leaking toilet at base, you can count on our toilet repair technicians to fix it for you. A leaking toilet can do damage to your bathroom floors, cause your water bill to rise, and is an overall mess. This problem is easily eliminated by our experienced plumbers. We can take a look at your toilet, and have it working like new in no time. We also offer toilet tank repair. Is your tank not filling with water after each flush? Perhaps you have a large crack, and it has affected the performance of your toilet. Our toilet repair service is ready to help whenever you call us. Our technicians can fix or replace your tank so your unit can work like new again.

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Toilet Replacement

If you need to fix toilet, you may not sure what you need to do first. When you call our toilet repair service, you can be sure that our experts will help you through every step of the way. When you call us to explain your problem, we will let you know what may need to be done to fix it, and then we will give you a free estimate before performing any work.

Unfortunately, depending on your damage, toilet repair may not be enough to solve your problem. If your toilet has extensive damage, we can help you with replacing toilet. Our plumbers can safely discard your damaged unit and replace it with a brand new model of your choice.

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Professional Service For Your Toilet

If you ever need to install a toilet, call us for help. Toilets are extremely heavy and bulky. Unfortunately, they are also somewhat fragile, which means that they crack easily. It is usually best to leave this service to a professional. You can trust our toilet repair and replacement service to get the job done right.

To avoid health hazards, it is recommended that if you live in an area of Katy that is not served by the city sewage system, you keep your septic tank properly maintained. If this system has overflowed and is causing an environmental concern, you should call us to fix it for you. We are familiar with the county’s requirements and can help you meet them.

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